Black and white film… Sword fight over woman?

Hi there guys!!


This is a film scene I saw strangely on a Yamaha karaoke machine video,  set to Phil Collins Groovy Kind of Love. About as niche as you can get!!  It was a scene from an obvious very old black and white film amd I have remembered it so vividly.  A woman is carried into the room with a bag on her head by a gentleman, both dressed in period costume. They both argue but he persuades her to escape with him. They are about to leave when another gentleman who i assume is the villain storms in.  The two gentleman fight,  the hero is killed and the villains rips the maidens dress and she wakes up looking quite confused. It has always stuck in my head and I know it would be an absolute miracle if anyone recognised this?  Many thanks to anyone taking the time to read this!



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