Bizarre Asian American scifi indie film 90s, saw on PBS.

It was the mid 90s, shown on a PBS channel. It was a highly dysfunctional Asian American family. There was a mother, father, twin brothers; one was a drug dealer with a girlfriend who turned out to be an space alien and the other stayed in his room alone with a rocking horse and masturbated to skinhead imagery, and a younger teenage sister who was slutty. Movie ends in a violent clash with skinheads, alien abduction, and a sleazy lawyer tricking the teenage girl into running away with him (he was going to exploit her in porn). There were a lot blurring of explicit scenes with the girl and some violent imagery. I was shocked as a teenager to find this on a PBS channel, but also fascinated to see a film starring Asian Americans and a really disturbing a bizarre plot (not a terrible film, acting was very decent). Haunts me to this day, really wish I could put a name to it.

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