bizarre artsy film involving war, a forest and a mysterious monster

I saw this film on ETV ( spanish television) in October 2015, but I don’t know the original language, because it was dubbed in Spanish. The film was in color, and seemed recent, somewhere in the 2000’s,but I might be wrong.

The montage and gloomy, scary music made me think it was some kind of artistic thriller. Most of the action takes place in nature and most likely during a war, maybe WW1 . The plot is very difficult to follow because it isn’t clear.

One striking image was that of a sarecrow made out of plants, and a child looking at it. In another scene there is a frightened boy walking through a forest. the camera then changes to the POV of some kind of invisible monster following him under the tall grass. then the boy sees a tree-like formation, covered in what seemed to be rotting flesh.

The end of the film features a black-haired young man with glasses wearing an old camera around his neck. He is in love with a blonde girl and follows her in that same forest. The journey through the forest becomes surreal as the girl keeps disappearing and appearing again, and the man encounters soldiers from different countries and tries to convince them that he is an american photographer.They seem to laugh at him, and then ignore him. During this part of the film, there were also some unsettling close ups of a white cow’s eye and face which were inserted between scenes of the confused man walking.

At the very end of the film we can see soldiers getting ready to execute the young man and an older man, probably his father.

Another detail is that the movie was made “for lola”, at least that was the text that appeared after it ended.

I’m sorry if this is a bit confusing, but I can only remember bits and pieces, and the dark, bizarre,  atmosphere  of the film, mostly because of the very interesting “artsy” montage and the way it it was filmed.

I’d really love to watch it again and understand more about it.

Thank you!

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    1. I’m sure the film isn’t as famous as Guillermo del Torro’s “Pan’s Labyrinth”… it’s definitely something more obscure, which is why I’m having trouble finding it, but thanks!

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