Bigs Adventure? Unknown Animated Bigfoot(?) Movie

This is my second try at a submission cause I think I did the first one wrong (sorry mods!)

I’ve already posted to reddit, but no luck.  Figure I’d give this site a try.  Basically, some years ago (I think maybe 2004? Around the time of the Garfield movie) I went to see a movie in the theater and saw a trailer for an animated film I pretty vividly remember being called “Big’s Adventure”. My brother recalls the trailer too, with the same details, so that gives me some validation for what I remember.

I seem to recall there was a kid(s) who had some sort of treehouse in the forest. When he got to the forest he called out the “Oh Biiiig” or “Big…there you are!”, beckoning some unseen creature. I’ve always assumed it was either a bigfoot or giant ape of some kind. My brother thinks it might have been a giant bear.

All we see in the clip was the eye. The trailer ended with a title card of a footprint with “big’s adventure” written in it. The main character was a boy with dark hair. There was also a dorky-looking red headed girl scout character with thick glasses and braces.

I don’t know why I’ve always wondered what this trailer was for (probably just because I never heard of it again) but my brother and I have been curious for years what it could have been. Some unfinished low budget film? Some sort of pre-movie AMC promo? Whatever the case, I was wondering if anyone on reddit saw that same trailer. Sorry I don’t have information, if I did I likely would have found it by now. I’m currently trying to remember what film the trailer was shown before.

Thanks in advance!

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