Big Nose time traveling after innocent

I watched it in the 2008ish period came from the internet Its in color but mostly black and white A innocent person I can’t remember if boy or girl is being chased by this tall black rags wearing being with a hood and only his large nose sticking out of the front of the hood. its a massive nose this bad guy drums on his bongo and portals open in homes and everything at the location freezes except those who just arrived.  there are allies (two or three well dressed normal humans) for this innocent and they appear just as big nose is about to grab the innocent when innocent goes ahead and shows up on some big city streets everything stops innocent screams for help but the frozen cannot hear them so she keeps running but big nose fights well he works for these short  twenty something businessman  types with braced small t.v. screens the same size as their heads in front of their faces, With a large phony smile on each  screen  always. The big nose gets his drum broke by this guy who has two black X’s over his eyes like a cartoon I believe hes blind but still has some great power anyway big nose gets his mini bongo broke and cannot jump from place to place this is all I remember Help me remember the name of this movie please !!!

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