Big bird figure coming out of a cupboard

Hey there! Well, as a kid I saw a color movie back in the 1990s on TV, it was probably French or American, but it was dubbed. It might be from any year between the 1960-1990s.

All I can remember is a scene, where a man goes home (or to somebody’s flat) and when he approaches a cupboard, a big bird figure comes/falls out of the cupboard and probably kills the man. If I remember it well, the bird figure had a cone-shaped “nose”, and that nose killed the man, probably it was a knife-like sharp thing…
I was a kid and this scene scared me so much, that I want to find the movie and watch it again.

Here I pictured the scene, the man was on the left side of the screen, the cupboard on the right, and the big bird figure came out cca to the centre of the screen. If I remember well, it was a smaller room, there was a window in the background and a real small bird (parrot, canary or anything) in a bird-cage, that was hanging in the right upper corner. If it helps, the man was probably coming on a bicycle to the flat, or used to ride a bike a lot. Thanx in advance! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Big bird figure coming out of a cupboard

  1. I might be way off because the details don’t all quite fit, but it reminds me of this scene from Still of the Night:

  2. Saw this and remembered your post. The setting is different but I thought it might be worth mentioning. Food of the Gods:

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