Batman animated series episode titles

Having recently seen the Disney Hercules episode, “Hercules and the Grim Avenger” after so long, I noticed certain similarities to Batman. In other words, certain scenes that pay tribute to certain scenes from certain Batman animated series episodes.

Of course, I haven’t seen ALL episodes given the fact that I don’t have the time or wifi power in my country and that they have made approximately 85 episodes over the years.

So, I was wondering and if anyone is a big fan of Batman, I would very much appreciate it if someone could help me point out the names of the very first episode(s) to feature any of the following scenes listed below:

1) Batman on a tall building as his cape moves (including dynamics and different angles and close-ups)

2) Batman using his a bat grappling hook rope thing to swing from one building to another.

3) Batman on a ledge completely black while staring

4) Batman throwing and toppling another hero away (possibly Robin or Superman)

5) Batman using his rope thing to catch someone by the legs and make them trip over a building

6) Batman swinging and breaking through a window

7) Batman using a batarang or something to throw and cut a rope (probably to save someone)

8) Batman taking someone blindfolded to his secret lair

9) Batman pinpointing targeted locations on a map

10) The Joker laughing for the first time (close-up, mind you)

11) Batman putting on his mask

12) Batman using his rope thing to catch someone and leave him hanging upside down

13) Batman using a batarang to attack someone

14) Batman driving his batjet and diving in to attack and pursue his enemy(ies)

15) The Joker laughing on top of a building

16) The Joker laughing while carrying a few things in his hands (probably explosives or something)

17) The Joker or any criminal getting caught by the legs and trip with a grappling hook thing by Batman.

For better comprehension, check out this section within this link below to know which scenes I am referring to that may or may not pay homage to Batman episodes. That way, that list could be completed fully.

Good homage hunting and good luck.

One thought on “Batman animated series episode titles

  1. Solved.

    Thanks to people OUTSIDE irememberthismovie.

    I just wish anyone could’ve helped me here earlier.

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