bald guy with fruit, messanger and scarecrow

Hi guys,

I watched a very old film I think it was a film from the 1900th..

I remember 3 passages in the movie:

a bald fat man laughing and stuffing his face with fruits..I think it was peaches but I’m not sure,

a messanger running from or to a castle to give a message..his leg had special powers and he ran very fast,

and finally a thin black scarecrow that flew on a broom.

please, if you know which movie I’m talking about send me the name I will really appreciate it,

thank you so much.

6 thoughts on “bald guy with fruit, messanger and scarecrow

        1. YES!!! I watched it so young and I remembered so little of it.
          thank you so much my childhood nearly choke me ^^ thanks, you’re awesome!

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