B-Rated “scary” Movie with a girl home alone for the weekend

This movie might date back from 1980- very early 2000’s.

In colored, not B&W.

In the beginning, the parents leave for the weekend and leave the girl home alone. She’s sort of stuck-up and seems a bit spoiled and does not care a bit that her parents are going to be gone.

Then finally at the end, her parents come back home and she is so relieved and thankful to have them back.

Weird things begin to happen in the house. It was very sci-fi like. It had monsters and whatnot in it. Maybe even a clown? I don’t remember exactly because I was like 8 or younger. So I apologize for this being so vague just SO curious!! For some reason I watched this movie several times that I rented when Blockbuster was around.

This isn’t very detailed but thank you!!!

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