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So I’ve posted before about this movie but no luck so far 3rd time’s a charm it’s about a horror movie slasher & a naked women in the shower (not psycho) watched it off a website called Wip films.net just can’t find anymore it had to be from 2000-2015 because I saw it in 2014-2015

How I recall it

It starts with a woman getting ready to shower as she takes off her black bra & underwear with a her butt being shown out of no where the slasher walks in the restroom I recall him wearing a hazmat suit as he was a big dude when she sees him she paused in fear to let out a scream as she trys to get away but he grabs her & pours down her throat a white powder of some sort that had an orange box & he pours it down her throat brutally

This is how I remember it


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  1. i would wanna think wip is women in prison? movie. but yes, i read this detail before, either here or on another trivia board you posted this. am still looking for it myself since reading ffrom the other post to try to help you out. but by all means anyone can jump in ahead of me, haha πŸ˜› have a good one buddy

      1. it is indeed a “yellow” gas jump suit or whatever theyre called? i watched 3 yesterday with like “suit killers” but they was like gray and stuff. and i dont think wip was mentioned in the other clue on the other board(no offense of course), this will be of help πŸ™‚

        1. Oh of course my memory can wrong so it’s okay I just do know remembering watching it off Wip website because of a hashtag of the execution of the women
          Give me the three names of the films tho I’d appreciate!

          1. well is the 3pm “morning” of the next day, got todays stuff to do, ill do more sluething tonight, when i get computer time. well if the hazmat color is hazy, no offense of course. ill look for the scenario am sure not many movies have this scene. haha. oh…and for being defunct/not working..it worked quit well for me last night…….well as far as reading descriptions/names/getting ideas etc… but yet if your referring to the movie part?, theres tons of other websites i been using to watch/skim these movies. so i never actually tried watching,etc… on the website. but well ill try again tonight when time permits. hopefully bring some good news as this movie/scene piqued my interest(not a sadist or any of that, i just dont like to be a quitter) take care my man

      1. i posted 3 links,of the movies but it says it waiting moderation approval

        Hazmat from 2013
        Scare tactics:hazmat Hell
        The Crazies (1973 film)

        now am looking into the movies on the wip website

      1. Also how I remember knowing about it was in the recommendations on the bottom but what I dislike now it doesn’t give me more of these instead the same 3 films or over & over
        It had to be have been a horror comedy like a poor star rating it’s gotta be like a copy of Hazmat

        1. one more quick question, then i gotta run till tonight. master procrastinator, aha. the one part you said “at the start” so like an opening kill type deal? or just somewhere in the movie? and of course, you dont recall that is fine as well. the one paragraph said “It starts with a woman getting ready to shower as she takes” or is just like how the scene starts? (im also cursed with being ocd as well) so i ask many questions πŸ˜› πŸ˜› ok, i really gotta be offline πŸ˜› , hope to bring good news! talk to you later my friend

        2. ok, then i am leaving after this, one more queston has arose…so is it a wip movie for the most part? or a killer movie for the most part ?or a “the girlfriend made me mad so shes eating clorox movie one time deal?

          1. It’s a typical low budget slasher flick where he gets everyone one by one untill the last person is left standing

    1. Thank you so much yeah I understand it’s probably the most difficult film you’ve ever searched for it has to be obscure like no one has heard of it

      1. well is 121am,lol finally getting around to getting on the comp, but i havnt forgot about it, so i thank for you replying to these questions, lets see what we can do

          1. oh, your online, i didnt suspect, i been looking for the last 20 mins ro so, so far. but i have a question…was there like alot of guys in the movie too or mainly just like a “girl thing” and the killer comes along?

          2. ok! got question…as i reread the initial post…so he kills her by dumping down the throat, no use of a knife or anything

          3. He basically pours down a orange box like it was either baking soda or Clorox either way it was a white powder stuff that he pours it down her throat brutally & that’s how he got her

  2. oh and one more, if you dont mind..it was a..like everyone is in the jail inside settings…the whole movie takes place inside..it was like a spring break type deal/killing people out in the jail yard thing

    1. It was inside a house definitely now that I think about it was with like a group of friends of course until only 1 is left standing facing off against the slasher

      1. ok, another question comes along as i skim through looking. they all have like clothes on and stuff right? this isnt one of those porno/ the victim half-naked when i get killed type movies? its a “normal” movie right? will help much as i check out screenshots and so forth

          1. ok, thank ya again, well about 20 pages down. think all info i need so far, well ill quit bugging now, hope to message again with good news! ok take care

  3. ok..new question! well they say the only stupid question is the one not asked would say it was an english title/movie or not? obvisouly you dont know the title or we wouldnt be looking for it…but as your best guess…would you say is normal or a foreign?

      1. by the time stamp, youre like 3 hours ahead of me. not that that matters anything am just ocd and notice everything as that is how i roll? anyway….well sadly, ill be off for tonight and tomorrow we shall try again! take care

        1. There is way back time machine you could use to go back to the site around 2014-2015 before more movies got added

  4. i was thinking it was Kids Go to the Woods… Kids Get Dead, but am skimming/thinking not now, moving on. and thank you for info, i can knock them off the list

  5. still looking through, i just type movie in the address bar, sometimes, but not always can be found on weird sites, for example the one above πŸ™

    1. I found the movie you gave me it’s very similar & very close to the one I’m looking for! It’s the same idea

  6. just reading through our chats/so i dont gotta bug with questions, however at the start of this “hunt” it was a jail type deal, then you said it was a house? is any of this certain that you can recall the location? no big deal, im mainly going on the scene of the stuff from a box kill down throat w/ a mask, perferebly like the gas mask type, ok, going back out, oh and are these kills with a weapon of choice? ok take care

  7. I found the movie you gave me it’s very similar & very close to the one I’m looking for! It’s the same idea

    this that you typed, referring to which movie? i wish i could keep all these posts to one post, but they keep coming to mind πŸ™

      1. no my friend, the above was what “you” typed, i was asking what movie you was referring to?

        you typed this>>>>”I found the movie you gave me it’s very similar & very close to the one I’m looking for! It’s the same idea”<<<<<

        what movie was you referring too? as i can be an airhead at times.

        but yep, been through idk how many movies since i been awake and tons more to go! , well take care my friend, back to the hunt i go

        1. Ohhh I was referring to the one you gave me kids go to the woods because it’s very close to what I’m looking for

          1. gotcha, as every little bit of info helps πŸ™‚ cause after all this searching i been doing(which is not a hassle, is enjoyable and fun), i became quite intrigued as to what this movie is too/besides just being a “movie mission” πŸ˜› ok take care

        2. I’m not sure if it’s kids go the woods
          Because it’s difficult to see if it has the shower scene but this is a step on the right direction thank you! Hopefully we find it

          1. uunderstandable, a new question popped up and again, if you dont recall, is quite fine…earlier when you said he was “big” do you mean as in tall or as in fat or both, as screenshots might be helpful with this info..or it might not, but figured id ask, ok back i go

  8. well the one so far, he busts her head off the mirror with shards all in her face and a knife of the throat, but not done yet

  9. sadly that was the only bathroom, seen nothing poured down any throats, if u want the file let me know, i cam semd it to you are something but its like 700mb, if not imma delete it. but the post right above was only death in a bathroom,shower.toilet type place

      1. i was just getting ready to empty the file from my disk, i downloaded it, that way i can skim 5 seconds per arrow click, instead of the 20sec or whatever it was just watching from the site. but yes regarding your last message, nope, i havent given up yet πŸ™‚

        1. At least we know that the one you gave me is the idea of what the film we’re looking for is step in the right direction btw there’s also the time machine online if you want to try it out on 2014-2015 before more movies got added

      1. well it wasnt “blood junkie” aka rocky trails. we cant post picture here, or you could see if mighta been what we was looking for. well onto the next one

  10. oh, i shoulda put this up with the last message πŸ™ cause i know the moderator has to manully delete them or something….but the question is…the killings are only killed by a knife, no other axe or anything?

          1. wish i could have positive news my friend, but nope still on it. had to take a past day or two off to deal with real life. but i still want to find it πŸ™‚

  11. just another quick post while im waiting on mikey for this morning, then i can get looking…so..is a hazmat suit type look?, he kills with dumping powder down the throat?, it was in a house not a prison setting?, it resembles kids go in woods movie, she was brown hair and tanish? and not sure on the weapon, but he uses powder to kill anyway…..i often reread our book we been sending to each other to try to pick up clues if i may of missed any. as im sure itll be a scene you/I cant mistake when its found! so all this info is pretty much correct as a overall??? yes? ok well imma finish the morning giddy-up thing, then go look for this!

      1. but idk what movie am looking for, is why am looking for it my friend πŸ˜› . but i thank you on the reply verification for the other stuff of info πŸ™‚

          1. on the timing the clock thing says..this was the last message you sent shown to me in my main email…(idk if it is or not, but to reply to it) well for #1 i have a limited time, due to regular life, #2, we will have the cut out the entire time i was looking for a prison movie. and #3…yep for some odd reason it hasnt been that easy..with keywords i use and info i gotten from you, youdt think itd be a walk in the park. ok, heres a random question, you dont happen to have a screenshot of the screen or anything, or is it just all memory? ok, well take care buddy ps-none of this is complaining is still fun until i find it πŸ™‚

  12. wish i could remember to make one post instead of 600, so the host dont have to clean them up πŸ™ sorry moderator. but yep….i wouldt say its like a “general” search type ordeal as you gave me a bunch of details..maybe am just having bad luck?. but still is fun πŸ™‚ the motion of it changing from like a prison type deal to like a house-type setting, opens up a whole new area. but still am not complaning . well, imma quite writing you a story and hop back to it in another browser. have a great day my friend . oh ya..and you mean the search on the top right?…i see nothing of this in where you speak….

      1. i seen like 10 results till i seen there was a page flip there and theres 600! n well i checked out like 3 so far, but i be off to bed and try again tommorrow, take care my friend!

          1. i dont see the other big post i made? but one ? came to mind, but ill read it tommorrow is 6am and off to bed….but if you had to guess(i didnt see us talking bout it)what 10 year range would you say it is? we know its in color

    1. ok, added to the other information. but i decided to check my email one at time before bed to see this. but yep, got it for next search. take care πŸ‘

  13. ok, well i wasted time of my life i cant get back watching the insanely stupid well its not after-school-massacre so now is 6am and off to bed, but i got lined up….Sorority House Massacre II ,Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre,Jersey Shore Massacre,Dude Bro Party Massacre,Massacre Academy and massacre for next time im on the comp etc….was a simple copy n paste to put all those titles in my missions pad on the screen…anyway, until we meet again, off to bed i go!

    1. yep, still on the mission list, as of like two weeks ago..i got on this…..go to random.org and roll a dice to see what horror/suspense to movie to watch for something to do, like at least one movie a day, so hopefully, ill run across it, it cant elude me forever! haha

      1. I understand & tbh I’m going to post about another movie I’m having trouble finding in the meanwhile maybe this one will be easier to find

          1. Hey man I found this movie that’s very similar to the one I was looking for it’s called Muck I’d even say it might be better than the one we’re looking for still tho use it as reference if you’d like & remember what the slasher used it was like you know those orange boxes of baking soda? I know that’s what it was he used on her so he put it all in her mouth brutally & it was a white toxic powder of some sort thought this would help you out

          2. i see the muck. even if is better, i still wanna find the other one πŸ™‚ well thank ya my man for the input

  14. ok cool, yep this is still on the list! i cant recall what i watched like 2-3 days ago..featured one in one of those suits, but “snaps fingers” saw deaths but nothing visually related to that scene πŸ™

      1. I wish I knew why it’s so difficult to find I know it has to be one of those survive from the slasher & until you have someone left standing facing off against the slasher & definitely about friends staying in a house for the night but are being stalked

      2. Hey found another movie that has a very similar concept & scene it’s with the women in the bathroom & the slasher enters check it out for reference the name of this other movie is called Kids Go to the Woods… Kids Get Dead 2009

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