B grade tsunami movie from about 2009

Saw this in about 2009. I think it starts out on a beach with a couple having a wedding, and the women loses her ring in shore but finds it later later and then sees a massive tsunami coming. I remember this guy and a women speeding in a car to try and get to some facility in time, and get pulled over by police, but lie to the officer that they’re on their way to a honey moon, which they are very excited about so he lets them off the hook. I remember they went over a tsunami in a speedboat. And there was this evil genius guy eating pineapple chunks in a dark room on a computer.. At the end the guy made it to this facility where they were going to launch these underwater missiles to cause a catastrophic tsunami and so he pretended to be one of them, and foiled their plans by adjusting something on a computer, and got beaten up after the bad guy found out what he was up to and told him to fix it at gun point. This good guy pointed at some consoles and told him to shoot them so he’d run out of ammo, to buy himself some time. And then the good guy and the bad guy were sitting there poetically together having a heart to heart accepting their impending doom. Just annoying me that I can’t find this movie, so thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Is it possibly “Killer Wave” from 2007? It’s a 2-parter I think. The description of a couple losing then finding a wedding ring, then getting swamped by a tsunami, sounds familiar. So does the part about underwater missiles causing the tsunamis.

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