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Horror movie from 80s or 90s in the castle,ghost wife in white night dress,revenge

Father and 2 childrens (brother and sister) are living in the castle,and they been hunted by his wife (childrens ┬ámother) ghost and evrybody sees her…i remeber that he tortured her in some room in the castle full of some machines for torturing and killed her at the end,he buried her in some room and made wall so no body can see it,at the end she kills him(i think with his lover girl in bedroom) and that is where all stops,also remeber one scene where she is on the stairs crouching and knocking with knife in the floor and in one moment she disappear leaving only knife still knocking,i think her name or the name of her daughter was elizabeth,she had long black hair and nightdress,and that room where she was buried was full of rats i think,pls help i cant find that movie