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Bloody Flowers on the Wall – I am looking for a 70’s made for TV movie (approx 1975, in English, in color)…

where 2 sisters are characters. the older sister has mental issues and killed the family dog. Hid the dog in the cellar (on a farm, like a tornado cellar) and she uses the blood to draw all over the wall of the bathroom and draws flowers. She tells her sister she can see everything she does through her thumb. and I think she is discovered at the end of the movie but I dont really recall.

approx 1975 made for TV movie about a young girl, on a farm, crazy. She killed her dog and put it in her cellar. Her family didn’t know this. She had a younger sister. She told her sister she could see things through her thumb. She would use the blood from the animal to paint flowers on the bathroom wall. Possibly Suzanne Pleschette was in this as a young girl but one girl was blonde and one was brunette. movie was in color. in English.