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War Movie

Many years ago (probably early 2000’s when I watched it) when I was very young I remember this war movie I watched with my mom and never forgot. It is driving me up a wall trying to remember it! I can’t remember much other then that there where soldiers paired up with soldiers recruited from the otherwise (I think) and they HAD to protect the American soldier.  Other then that the scene that I never forgot is when one of the two main soldiers of the movie comes across a little boy and gives him a chocolate bar. Returns later to find that they where blown up I believe, I think there was a big scorch mark where the boy (and mom?) Was before.

I also remember that at the end the “enemy” soldier saves his American counterparts and in an epic moment of self growth the American soldier saves the dude but takes a bullet himself. I believe he actually died but I’m not 100% on that.

Any ideas? It has been driving me nuts for years!