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A movie literally about Fame

Hi everyone! Hoping to get your help for I’m giving up already…

The main character, an ordinary (single if I can remember) man with an ordinary life, one day becomes extremely famous just like that. For no reason. He didn’t do anything to get there and is very surprised by the fact strangers recognize him on the street, scream out his name, ask for an autograph, keep taking pictures and videos of him everywhere he goes, posting on internet. The crowd gets exited by his every move and word. He gets invited to evening TV shows still wondering what’s happening. During the movie he losts his job and his life turns into hell. And, by the end, that global obsession with his persona comes to an end just as inexplicably.

I’m sure the movie wasn’t in English. Some European origins, mb French. Unfortunately don’t know the actor even though I can recall his face. His character doesn’t wear stylish clothes, and looks just like an ordinary man around 50. And yeah, maybe the character’s name is sth close to Kazinski.

One more thing. In Woody Allen’s “To Rome with Love”, one of the story lines (with Leonardo) just repeats the movie I can’t remember the name of.

Thanks in advance! ♥️