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Two movies I saw on Netflix a long time ago

I remember seeing this movie on Netflix when they just started streaming. It was a movie about an awkward girl and I think she wants to get popular, or she likes this boy or something – I just really remember this one scene where there was this kid she went to school with and he teaches other kids how to kiss and charges money for it.

There’s another one I saw at the same time and I honestly can’t remember the story line at all, but I do remember liking it. I could have sworn it was called “Agnes and Me” but I can’t find that title anywhere. I remember it was British and about two girls that were friends, but that’s all.

olly olly oxen free

I’ve been trying to find out what this film is for years, I’ve never had any luck, but I figured I’d try again just because. When I was a kid my mother was watching a movie and I was supposed to be in bed. I kept sneaking in a seeing little pieces of it. I’ve tried to ask my mom if she remembers, but she doesn’t. I initially must have mixed two films together (I used to sneak out of bed to see what movies I could a lot as a child) and I apparently mixed up the movie I’m trying to find, with Eye for an Eye with Sally Field. I’m thinking I must have seen the scene around the same time I saw the pieces of Eye for an Eye (which came out in 1996) so I’m going to say between 1995-1997, just to be safe.

Here’s what I remember (I apologies for the vagueness)

It was definitely in color and in English.

Though I would have seen it in the early 90’s, it could have been older.

The scene I distinctly remember is a man, in the woods. He was chasing after someone (a girl I believe) I remember him seeming very menacing, so he could have been looking to kill her, or harm her in some way. He may have even had her already, and she escaped, that I’m uncertain of. Anyway, I remember him wearing a red flannel shirt (though I could be wrong) and in the scene he’s looking for the girl and he calls out “Olly Olly Oxen Free”.

That’s all I remember, and I know it’s very vague which is most likely why I haven’t been able to find it. I think the only reason I even remember that scene is because the phrase was familiar to me, since we used it in hide and seek when I was a child.

18th century period piece

At some point the the 90’s I saw a film on tv (probably HBO) that was set in the 1700’s. I don’t remember much, but I was just thinking about it and it’s bothering me not knowing now.

I remember there was a decent amount of sex/sexual references. It’s not your typical pride and prejudiced, sense and sensibility type period piece. I’m pretty sure there were quite a few well known actors in it as well, I just can’t seem to remember any of them.

There was a point in the film where there was some sort of scheme for this one man to sleep with a young girl and take her virginity.

That’s all I really remember. Any ideas?