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Newish weird one

Just recently saw something called Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon. I taped it on a whim, and WHAT a weird movie. Young woman breaks out of some sort of institution in New Orleans. She stumbles around in her straight jacket (literally) for a bit, causes Carrie-like chaos at a convenience store, a local pimp/DJ picks her up and turns out to be something of a hero, she falls in with a stripper who tries to use the girl’s (now called Mona Lisa) powers to make the scum who see her strip pay their tips. Then the stripper brings her home where her 8 year old boy is living, tries to get the girl to go on an ATM stealing scam with her, and a cop -who she caused to shoot himself (Doug Judy for you Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans)- chasing her around trying to get her back. It’s wild and worth the effort.