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Husband goes insane, gets eaten by a worm, and comes back as a cat?

I saw this movie on TV, it was probably somewhere between 2004-2008. It might have been made in the late 90s, but I’m not sure.

The film was about this couple who were going somewhere for a honeymoon (I think), and traveling around this weird abandoned town. Throughout the film, they see very disturbing events, the most prominent being this scarred-up white cat. It keeps following them.

Throughout the film, the husband goes insane. He’s bloodied-up and yelling all the time. At the end of the film, this worm-like creature comes up out of the ground and swallows him whole. The very end of the movie has the wife talking to the police about the experience, and a cat jumps down and knocks a drink over. The cop calls the cat something like “Lonney”, which was the name of the woman’s husband. We see that it is the same scarred-up white cat as before. The camera zooms in on its face, and the film ends.

The thing I remember the most is, of course, the ending. And I’ve been wanting to find it just so I can relive it.