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Alllllll the horror movies!

Guy has someone record him, says he has cancer, ends up killing him found it on netflix

So there was a guy that reached out to a journalist i think. Anyway he asks him to follow him around and record him and it gets awkward. Theres a part where he wants the person behind the camera to film him in the bathroom. At one point the person behind the camera finally loses it and says it has gotten to weird and he is done. The guy in the recorded video ends up stalking him. He sends him a video on how he messed up then sends another one showing him dragging a tarp(obviously a body) but at the end the camera guy sets the camera in a place where it can see him sitting at a bench looking at a lake and the weird dude shows up and kills him with an axe to the head. Help me out please?! Its driving me insane!