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Sci-Fi smut action movie with weird drugs, lots of sex, an abandoned city and organ transplants?

Okay this is a doozy.  I saw this film in the early 2000s, I recall.  It was on an encrypted movie channel.  I assume it was in English, as it was dubbed when I saw it.  It could have been American.  Since the channel I caught it on didn’t really show new-new movies, I am assuming it was released sometime in the 90s.  Based on my description below, it was probably rated R.

So, strap in, here’s what I recall:

-In the opening scene, we are in the future and an old woman dressed in a glittery dress is in front of a building, a sex club of sorts, for the opening ceremony.  She gives a speech in the gala, sets on fire and holds up a golden penis torch.  It’s a hoot.

-Then she goes into the backroom, takes off the dress, make-up, and wig.  She inserts a tube down her throat, adjusts her voice.  Then, she (now he) puts on a black suit and leaves.

-There’s a medical facility of sorts.  Doctors talk.  One asks the other if he has any blue eyes left.  Apparently, it’s an organ transplant facility that golden penis ladyguy is a doctor in or is in charge of.  They are running low on organs.

-Our protagonist (let’s call him Heroguy) talks to his girlfriend (I think) about a drug.  This drug helps him with something, but it also causes out-of-body experiences.  He mentions seeing himself in the shower after taking it.  She says it is dangerous.

-Heroguy is contacted by the Golden Penis Ladyguy about going into an abandoned city.  New York, San Fran, that kinda metropolis.  I think they are going to retrieve something, or escort someone.  They are joined by a couple more people, including a bald, eyepatch wearing Mercenary (Merc Guy.)

-They access the city via a bridge.  There was a disaster there, I think an EMP went off and fucked the city up.  Whatever it was, it caused the bridge to become magnetic, Heroguy says.  He then demonstrates this by taking off his watch and letting go of it, which the bridge attracts and the watch gets attached to one of the beams.

-They enter the city, fuck around for a bit, until they end up in an apartment where somebody is hiding, I think.  In any case, they encounter a small, wheely robot, like an RC car.  Heroguy gets too close to it and it fires something at him and destroys one of his eyes.  They take him out to treat his wound, give him an eyepatch, and the drug that makes him have out-of-body experiences.  He has an out-of-body experience and peers into the next room, where this person (I think it was a woman) is hiding.

-Heroguy wears an eyepatch now.

-At one point, Merc Guy goes into a hallway.  The hallway is red.  There are mannequins sticking out of the walls, looking partially absorbed.  There is sexual moaning in the background.  He explores this hallway until he comes across a wall-mounted vagina.  The thing is huge (like, half the guy’s size) and looks pretty real.  He sticks his hand in.  He withdraws it and it’s sticky with juices.

-The movie continues in ways I don’t really recall, but whatever they were doing in this city, they pull it off and get back to the Golden Penis Ladyguy with the news.

-To my recollection, Golden Penis Ladyguy tells Heroguy and the Rescued Woman that what they did will solve the organ crisis.  S/he also tells them that s/he doesn’t have genitals so is neither male nor female, but wants to experience both, and does so, but only one at a time (As we saw) so that’s why s/he’s been grooming them or something – to experience both genders simultaneously, I think?

-Heroguy and Rescued Woman have zero-gravity sex while Golden Penis Ladyguy sorta feels what they feel through what I recall was some kind of neural implant.  I mean, at least I assume it was zero-G sex (heh), ’cause I recall them floating in a blue, spherical room while Golden Penis Ladyguy made some sex faces.

I have been all over with this.  Looked up many lists, asked everywhere.   Help me, please, I’ve been looking for this movie for YEARS.