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Gruesome horror movie with isopods and penis monster

Can anyone remember this strange film where a man wants to sleep with a woman and after she leaves, his Penis mutates into a big monster, that bites into his face and kills him?

I think in that movie, there were strange crawling creatures, that looked like trilobites or giant isopods. They came from a strange aparatus which could have been a time machine, portal to another dimension or something like that. In one scene you could see a monster in this machine, that looked somewhat like the creature from “nightbeast”.

One other scene, I remeber was that sombody takes off his shirt and the chest is full of moving segments like his body is mutating into one of these isopod like creatures.

And in another scene, a woman awakens in a sickroom and touches the roses that have been given to her from visitors and these roses shrivel and wither like they have been put into liquid nitrogen and freeze dried. I think it was this woman, who turned the mans penis into the giant carnivorous worm creature and mabe she was like that because she was attacked by one of the strange isopods. But my memories are very blurred, I cant even remember a single dialogue.

But I can remeber, that the penis scene frightened me to death and after that, I stoped watching.

I saw this movie long time ago. When I was a child, my parents used to buy old VHS cassets from garage sales. Normaly we used them to record TV films, but some of them contained watchable movies.

One of them had this strange film on it and was so frightening to me back then. It has been around 1995 to 1998, that I watched it, but the record must have been older. My memories are blurred, I think it was in german language, but probably just a translation. I would guess it was some kind of an american 80’s science fiction horror B-Movie. The Movie was definitely in color and looked like rather low budget, but heavily loaded with absurd body horror and strange mutations.

The scenes I remember are scattered and probably twisted, because so much time passed since than and I never saw this movie again. I hope, I dont mix two films together. But I can clearly say, that it is not “Tromeo and Juliet”, which is the only other movie with a “penis monster”, that I know.

My parents dont remember the title either, but they recall the movie to be over the top and gruesome and I doubt they will find the original VHS record any time soon. Maybe they have been so disgusted, that they deleted it.

I would be very happy if anyone could help me with this film, because I could not manage to find the movie with the help of Google or IMDB, although I searched for days.