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Cartoon Robot Movie?

I remember seeing this movie in school in around second or third grade, so it must be around 12 years ago now. We were learning about the importance of settings in a story, and the teacher showed us this movie to demonstrate a futuristic setting. I remember it was traditionally 2D animated, and if I had to guess I would say the animation was from around the 70s-80s. From what I can remember of the story, it was about a clumsy robot who comes to live with a family but keeps messing everything up. He runs away or gets kicked out or something, and then the family feels bad and learns to accept him for what he is. It must not have been a full length movie, as we were able to finish it in a single library period. I remember the title being something simple like [Name] the Robot. I don’t know the robot’s name but I’m fairly sure it began with a C and he was orange or red.