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Please help me to find a film

Hi everyone. In the early noughties, as a child, I watched the film on vhs, remembered only the opening scene of the film and a couple of other moments. I don’t know why these moments are stored in my memory, but I would very much like to find this film. Periodically I write in different groups, but without any result. Maybe we’ll get lucky now.

I remember the beginning of the movie 100%. It is like this: a man is released from the lair (the base point) of bandits. The action takes place in the summer, the location is most likely America. This point is located somewhere near the sea. They give him a car and let him go. He drives away, driving along a winding road by the sea, next to a rocky cliff. Immediately after his departure, a helicopter with a young girl on board immediately goes after him. This girl (100% brunette, and I now think that she is very similar to the actress who played Xena – the warrior queen) plays one of the key roles in this gang and she is present throughout the film. Soon the helicopter overtakes the car with the man and the helicopter opens fire on the car. The color of the helicopter (I’m afraid to confuse it with the color of the car) is black. Most likely, this man was part of this gang, but for some reason decided to leave them, and they first let him go, then catch up and spread the car with him. At first, that’s all.

Next(this already happens a little after the start). An agent of the CIA, the FBI, or just the police learns about this gang and wants to infiltrate it. (but maybe he didn’t want to, but then he ended up in their lair.) He somehow went to that girl from the gang, and at the next meeting they all went to intimacy (or maybe it came to this) and she puts something in his glass and he passes out(like spiking something, but does not stun him), after which he woke up in their lair. (maybe he wasn’t looking for this gang, and it was recruiting them that way.)

And the most memorable thing: either the gang itself had the following installation, or they captured it somewhere, but I remember 100% that they used it for selfish purposes. This installation consisted of chairs with electronic equipment located nearby. They sat in these seats (perhaps even put a special helmet or something else on their head), and with all this equipment, they broke into the protection of military aircraft that were currently in flight, and controlled these aircraft directly on these seats. (these chairs are similar to the ones in the matrix, but without any pins and other things – just coesla, and they were located either opposite each other, or in a cross. Right now I see an image in my memory, where in the middle of a large room there is all this installation of chairs and equipment). At this time, the pilots of the aircraft completely lost control of the aircraft. The bandits, while flying the plane, blew up something (either postoyki with people, or something else, but 100% blew something up).

And the last thing I’m not quite sure about, but it probably was. At the end of the film, when good usually wins over elo, that guy from the police or special services(it doesn’t matter, he’s just a “good cop”) is in the chair of this installation, next to him is also in the chair, either that young woman from the gang, or someone else from the gang, and this policeman somehow prevents her (him) from flying the plane and committing another evil.

That’s all I remember. The plot of the beginning is described 100% correctly, maybe I missed some detail somewhere, and I am also 100% sure about the installation for hacking planes. The film, I think, is from the 70s-90s, because I watched it in 5-6 years on tape in the early noughties, and then it was fashionable, at least in my area. I haven’t seen him on TV or anywhere else since. If someone recognizes the film or at least you think that you know something similar, please write.