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A horror movie like the “Ritual” of 2017. A group of people went to the forest, where they were chased by a forest spirit, which gradually took…

… over their minds

A group of people stopped at a motel and went into the woods, (perhaps before the wedding of one of the friends – but this is not accurate). There, the forest spirit began to pursue them, not attacking openly, but acting on people subconsciously, creating illusions. In the end, there was only one survivor. He wakes up in a motel, realizing that it was all just a dream. Communicates with a person, looks at the paintings on which the forest is painted, when one of the paintings begins to spin. It turns out he’s still in the same forest, it was all real, and it’s impossible to get out of the forest because the spirit took over his mind or something. A horror film like the “Ritual” of 2017, I think the film was shot no earlier than 2010