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What is the title of the movie

Around 1995 or 1996, I saw a movie on tv

It was english, they spoke english in the movie

It was in color

And here’s what I remember from it

It starts around this part, the main character is still a boy, he pulls out/claws out using a stick, a silver bullet lodged in a wall, holds it in his palm, closest his hands and when he opens it, the bullet turned into a silver ring

fast forward to his teenage years, he and his friend is in an auditorium, on the stage, his friend is a telepath, and he has telekinisis, he gets a girl from the audience to whisper something to his friend and he will get the message.


He almost made people believe, but one audience says he saw them together before hand, that its all a sham.


thats all i can remember, i wanna watch it again because when I was watching it, I stared at my dad, and tried to ask him a question, a random question in my head and as we watched tv, he turned and blurted out the answer lol.


Dunno if it was a coincidence or telepathy worked, but I still wanna check out the movie as it has fond memories of my childhood.