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Older movie where the people are being shrunk down and needs to maintain an township and an reactor

It’s an movie that i can remember somewhat of parts an screens from but not the title. So hope that some can.

If i remember correctly of the start of the movie. You see some sort of mayor and an black box where there tell about an small town inside where people have been shrunk down to live inside for some generations. Can’t recall if it was a test or if it was do to an nuclear apocalypse. Anyway.

Some time pass and you see that the people have jobs and the kids to. Theres about to election an new mayor inside the small town. but the town mayor’s of some generations have forgot to read an scroll and it is forgotten. So most of the town is going in to decay.

The heat reactor is close to breakdown i think it’s an younger girl there finds out.
Also there’s an moth flying in and she follows it at some point.

But that what i remember .
Hope that it all helps to find the movie..