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movie possibly from the 50s where the friend of the male lead is a womanizer and at the end of the movie ends up with the side character…

… who managed to impress him by playing the drums with a jazz band

I don’t know when this movie was made, I watched it on TV about 10 years ago but I don’t even remember, if it was in black and white or in colour. It could be from the 1950s, but that’s just a guess.

I don’t remember much about the main plot of the movie but I remember that a friend (male) of the male lead was considered a womanizer and a woman, who ends up becoming a friend of both the male lead and the female lead, is taking some self-esteem classes because she always ended up having problems with men(we never see her go to the classes in the movie, she ‘s always just telling other people about them). One of those classes suggested taking an insterest and pursuing it and she chose to take drum lessons(again we don’t see her taking lessons in the movie but we see her play only once). One time she plays in front of the male lead’s friend accompanied by a jazz band and he ends up being very impressed by her. I also remember that she when she met the male lead she gifted him (or the child of the main lead, I dont remember) a tie with a little painting of her in a bikini because the self-esteem classes told her to try new things.

I also remember that one time towards the end, this woman asks the female lead if she thought the male lead’s friend was interested in her and, if yes, why wasn’t he making any move. Of course these two end up together at the end, exactly like the male lead and the female lead.

I don’t really remember anything about the main plot but I’m going to try to give you some information, that I think could be the main plot, but it could also be about an entire different movie. So if this plot sounds familiar to you but doesn’t have the subplot I’m talking about it means I’m probably just mixing 2 different movies together. I think the male lead’s child was traumatized by the death of his mother and, even though everything seems fine with him during the movie, after seeing his fish dead in his bowl he screams for a long time and his father ends up slapping him. I think the female lead who lives next to their apartment ends up consoling the child and at the end she’ll become his mother and the male lead’s wife. I also think that at a certain point the child goes to summer camp and there he tells his father that he likes a girl that others mock because she’s chubby. Also, there might be an old woman who helps around the house and that is learning Spanish with some tapes while she does her chores.

I hope that sufficed and that you’ll be able to help me.