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70s or 80s movie with VW beetle that has plenty of gadgets

This was very likely a ripoff of the Lovebug, but this VW beetle was filled with gadgets. I found several on Youtube (the Superbug collection), but I can’t find the one that I remember. There were two scenes that I remember rather vividly.

At one point, he runs out of gas. He goes to the trunk (in the front!) and retrieves a rotating key that he plugs in the engine (in the back). He rotates the key and that seems to power the car for a while.
At another point, the car has extending wheels (he goes above other cars, can climb walls in a narrow alley, etc.).

Which movie is that? I am not certain it is part of the Superbug collection. Very likely, but I am not sure.

70s or early 80s movie with immortals

Back when I was a kid in late 70’s early 80’s, we were shown a movie in class where a young man finds a beautiful immortal woman. He is not allowed to be with her unless he himself becomes immortal. In order to be allowed to become immortal, he must go through many trials (one of them is time, IIRC). He eventually succeeds. At the end of the movie, by mistake he accidentally drinks from the fountain of mortality and becomes mortal again. She decides that he is worth it and she too drinks from the fountain and joins him as a mortal. What is that movie?