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70-90s comedy Young guy meets a lady at a cafe, the attempts of making the date are the storyline

He meets this girl in a café basically, and he ends up going over to her place later. She has a roomate that is doing paper mache stuff.

Rest may or may not be in order:

There´s this gag throughout the movie about two guys in a van stealing stuff, among those the paper mache thing, and the main character calls them out for it but we learn those were friends of the roommate.

I´m fairly sure the girl(might´ve been the roomate) dies at some point or in the midst of the movie.

There´s a note that one of them have gone to a “hard rock” bar or disco, and the main character goes there, and in the party, some guys pin him down and attempt/or succesfully shave his head.

Rest I can´t really recall, thanks in advance!

Holocaust Man Gets Taken Away From Family. Gone Fore Many Years Then Sees His Family After Decades In A Train Station

Mid-wedding Hitler starts talking on the radio. An older man which understands German tells everyone to shut up as he listens. War is about to break out. The story is centered around a man(and his wife + two kids). I´m not quite sure where they live, Czechoslovakia or similiar is my best guess. The man gets taken away(cant remember why). The following may not be in correct order:

He gets put on a train guarded by soldiers (to Greece?) and during a stop the “prisoners” are asked to pick up flowers. The man does it on willingly.

While working in a industry a officer sees him and concludes his face is a perfect face. He gets taken to a photoshoot and published everywhere. We learn later that thousands were killed because they did not look like this man.

From a work camp the man posts letter to his wife. The letters are never sent, and the letters which the wife has sent are read by the officials who run the camp, and never given to him.

These letters are read out loud later in a court hearing. The man is on trial for being the cause of so many deaths (his perfect face). One of the letters tell a story of how she(the wife) was raped by russians and have given birth to a third child. He goes free and returns “home”.

The final scene is at a train station, where he, now as and old man sees his now old wife and grown up kids. They look at each other and hug and the movie ends.