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Dark British Comedy About Murderous Librarian

So, twenty years ago I came across a film in our local video rental place.  The movie was a British or Irish comedy that had come out sometime in the mid to late 1990s.  It was about a meek librarian who lived with a domineering mother, had  a bitch of a sister with a thuggish boyfriend and a lover she had to hide from her family.  She was fascinated by great serial killers of the past and eventually several famous ones start appearing to her.  They help guide her in first killing her mother, then her sister and then the sister’s boyfriend.  She ends marrying her lover and sending her “advisors” away because – as she points out – they were all caught and she doen’t want to be.

There are two scenes that I particular remember.  The first is after she kills her sister, which she does by doing something to her inhaler.  The sister’s boyfriend decides that she killed her because she wanted him.  They are standing in the kitchen together and he tells her that she can have him if she wants him that badly.  I remember her smiling at him and putting her arms around him before stabbing him in the back with a pair of scissors.

The second is the last sense.  She’s on her honeymoon with the man she’s been in love with the entire time and they are lying in bed together.  He has his eyes closed, getting ready to go to sleep and he says that btw he knows she killed her mother.  Something she said at the time didn’t add up but that he understands why she did it and would never tell anyone.  She gets up out of bed after he’s asleep and is trying to figure out to what to do.  She opens the door and there’s a little man in a Victorian suit with a kind of doctor’s bag there who smiles at her and introduces himself very politely as Jack the Ripper.  She smiles back at him and that’s the end of the movie.

It’s a very dark comedy but also a very cleaver one that I really enjoyed.  I’d really love to find it again.  There are aspects to the movie that remind me a little of ‘Keeping Mum’ if you know that movie.  However, while the acting in the film is brilliant I don’t remember seeing any of the actors in it before or since.