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Messed up foreign film, guy kills for girlfriend, they get captured in the woods by an old man.

Hey all! I have a movie that has bugged my mind for years. It’s a foreign film I saw on DirecTV years ago, possibly well over fifteen years ago. I remember that it’s a foreign film (I think). The two biggest things I remember are, towards the beginning of the movie, the main guy’s girlfriend tells him that these men, who I believe are their schoolmates, assaulted her, and goads him into killing them. (I seem to recall a scene where he’s leaving her house and she’s standing in the window and exposed her breasts to him as he’s leaving too). He kills the men, and the two of them decide to go on the run. At some point she reveals that she lied about the assault and just wanted to see if he’d do it. It’s also a plot point that he has a hard time having sex with her, and is potentially impotent. As they’re on the run, the two are captured in the woods by an old man. The old man keeps the girl locked in his basement, under a trap door, kind of similar to the evil dead. He keeps the boy chained to his bed. At some point the old man rapes the boy, and later when the boy is talking to his girlfriend she is weirdly bemused by it, and reveals that the boy came during sex with the old man. The last thing I remember is that the old man is feeding them flesh from another person that he has killed, which the girlfriend knows because the body is in the basement with her. I know it seems like I know a lot of details from this film, but I’ve tried all sorts of searches throughout the years to no avail. I’d be so grateful if someone could help me out with this one. I think this movie might have messed me up at a young age lol.