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serial killer had a blog

hello everyone! i may be a little cheating here because in fact im looking for a book but i had it in this ‘watch the movie read the book’ edition so im pretty positive that there should be a movie and it was released around 2012-2014. i was like 10 yo and ‘ve read it in one take in the bookstore waiting for my classes to start so i dont remember much but i think the cover picture had an eye with a computer screen reflecting in it (and this pucture could also possibly be the movie poster since they usually put posters on these editions’ covers). eyes were a recurring theme there and i think the title itself might contain some eye/sight related wording.

there were two storylines. one followed this female crime writer or journalist who often visited some kind of writers’ online forum/blog where young authors would post their works for critique maybe? or smth like that and one of the stories published there reminded her of unsolved murders that happened recently. i think because these murders were not connected into series by police yet but the author connected it the woman started to suspect that the author is involved so she started her own investigation trying to find them based on the updates/next chapters they provide to the story. and second storyline was pretty abstract and followed someone else’s thoughts and feelings and attempts to stop the woman. i dont remember if it was the killer’s or the author’s or even are the killer and the author the same person but im sure that the author turned out to be a 14 yo boy at some point.