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Hypnosis/Mind Control

I saw this movie somewhere in the mid-90s on Cinemax After Dark or some other cable outlet that showed adult content late at night. The film looked as if it was recent, though it could have been from the ’80s.

It was one of those weird European (I believe) erotic films. I just can’t locate it so I’d greatly appreciate any help.

The scene I recall was near the end. This attractive young woman with maybe shoulder-length black hair and piercing blue eyes was suddenly woken from her sleep, hypnotized, telepathically hearing another woman calling her voice.

She proceeded to get up and walk towards the other woman’s room, wearing black pumps. When she arrived at the woman’s room, still hypnotized, she lied down on the coach where the woman was sitting, and put her legs across her lap.

The woman then removed the hypnotized woman’s shoes and put black stockings on her legs. She then put her in a cage and hoisted it in the air before a guy came in and saved her.

Anyway, it’s a very obscure film but I’d really like to identify it. Thanks.