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2010-ish cop or gang thriller or along those lines with main guy going vigilante

Hey guys, I’m looking for a movie that must have come out around 2008-2014, give or take. I watched it around that time on DVD (we always rented tons of movies, and I’m fairly certain it was new or at least not quite old then), and it was most likely a US production. For the longest time I thought it starred Kevin Bacon, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The scene I remember is the protagonist (probably white guy in his 30s) running out of his house in a rather quiet neighborhood at night to confront two or more younger men, possibly gang members (possibly of a different ethnicity). He’s got a baseball bat or something similar, and he either scares them off or attacks them. He might even beat one of them severely, but that part is very fuzzy. Might as well be he gets the beating, but for some reason, I tend to think he gets in trouble for all this, so I guess he’s the violent one in this scene.

As for things I THINK I remember: He might be a cop, and he might be suspended at this point or get suspended after the incident. He was most likely watching the street in anticipation of something going down. He must have had history with gangs or such. He may have gone vigilante on innocent people that night; he seemed quite paranoid and on edge altogether, and I think he had good reason to be so. His family, if there was one, may have been under threat. I also believe the cops knew something was up involving this man. Like, they didn’t seem surprised? Perhaps they couldn’t or wouldn’t help him? But all of that may be me mixing up several movies.

I feel like I saw this around the time Death Sentence came out, hence my mind connecting it with Kevin Bacon, but that one shouldn’t be the movie I’m looking for; I just fast forwarded through it and couldn’t find that scene.

Any help would be greatly appreciated =)