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Girl kills friends and herself and blames it on stepdad

I can’t remember when I saw the movie or what year it came out, but the plot was a group of teenager girls, who are all suicidal, meet online and plan a weekend trip together to meet in person. When they meet they all have fun together and get to know each other more, but by the end of the movie, one girl kills all of the other friends, as well as herself, and blames it on her step dad (or maybe just dad, I can’t remember.) I think the actors were Australian, but I could be totally off. The movie was mediocre, but the twist at the end was very impressive. I don’t remember any actors in the film, but I’m pretty sure I watched it on Netflix (though I don’t remember when I saw the movie, it was a while ago.)

Desert roadtrip movie (?)

In the early 90s I saw a film at a friends house.  I dont really remember the plot but I think it took place in the american southwest and involved a road trip.  I have a feeling the film was made in the late 70s or the 80s.  I vaguely remember a man, or possibly two men, travelling in a station wagon or other large car with a blonde.  At one point there is a  scene where the girl is holding a gun at the guys head and I remember her makeup being dark and heavy especially around the eyes.  I think drugs were involved.  At another point I think they stopped by a lake or waterfall.  Anyone have any ideas.  I dont think I can provide any more details.  Just wanted to throw this our there.  I appreciate any responses.  Thank you.

Film clip of a male & female (young adults) running in the desert attempting to hide from a giant eye in the sky?

For the life of me, I cannot find what movie (or possibly tv show?) this scene is from. I can’t remember much because it was back when I was like 4/5ish in 94’/95’.

What I remember of it: my much older brother (mid-late teens) and a couple of his friends were watching either a movie or tv show (figure this might help with what type of film it was?). In this scene, there are two teens/early adults running through the desert trying too either escape or hide from this large eye in the sky that is following them…I even remember they were running towards the viewers left & the eye was more behind them I believe. I think they make it to something… an old ruin?

And that’s it. I’ve been searching on and off for this for so so long. Maybe someone here can help!

a 80s/90s/early 2000s Teen movie

ok so a couple of years ago I was watching a movie probably around 2009/2010. I don’t remember the name or anyone that was in it but I only remember three scenes from the movie. so the first scene I remember was a teenage girl with dark brown hair and I believe she was sitting by a poolside and writing something in a journal. the next scene is she is getting on this motorcycle with this guy that has brown kinda longish hair and he is mysterious. the last scene I remember was this scene of a guy wearing some sort of astronaut or a flight suit and he was walking slow-mo. it seemed like a daydream from the girl with the brown hair. it seemed like she had a crush on this boy, but that boy is popular. I believe I might have watched this movie on VH1 or MTV. someone, please help I have been trying to figure this movie out for YEARS!!!! the movie was in color and the movie was English.

i know the movie is not “she’s all that” even tho it seems a lot like it

Can’t remember this movie

I am having trouble remember a movie and it is driving me crazy. All I can remember is that a guy joins a monastery where wine is made. And he gets asked to leave for some reason. Upon leaving, he meets a woman outside loading her car with cases of wine and offers to help. This is ALL I remember. Perhaps it was that bad of a film that I stopped here or I just do not have any recollection of what else happened, or even what actors starred in the film. Please help!!!

French film about love and its complexities

Watched a french film on tv about 5 years ago. It revolves around multiple couples, over the duration of 1 year. It begins on new years eve and ends on the following new years eve.

The couple that I remember the best is this woman falling in love with a (gay) man that she works with. They remain friends for awhile, even though he knows she has feelings for him. Eventually, he realizes he loves her too, even though hes gay, and they decide to have a relationship. They have the perfect relationship, until the woman subconsciously sabotages the relationship by sleeping with her ex while her boyfriend is away on a business trip. She cheats on him because she thinks he may be hooking up with men behind her back, and she fears that their relationship is too good to be true, even though none of this is true. I only recall that the gay man’s name is Jerome.

Does anyone know the name of this movie? I’ve been trying to find it for years.


Sort of Sci-Fi Movie

So this has been driving me crazy for weeks now. I think it was a sci-fi movie that came out in the early 2000s. I remember 1. there was a guy who wasn’t from earth, and a woman was trying to help him do something, 2. he made a vending machine give him a free bag of chips, 3. he made a lie detector shock a guy. Sorry for not being more specific, but help would be greatly appreciated!!

Help! Please

Can anyone help me

The movie was in color and English language

It’s a horror/sci-if movie. I was young in the 90s. Me and my dad watched it on tv and all I can remember about this movie was it started I think as a ride there was either 4 or 2 teens 2 girls and 2 boys or just a girl and a boy. Anyway they get on this ride and it’s supposed to be a normal ride  they enter either a devil face or clown pretty sure it was devil. Sorry it’s a vague memory. So anyway I remember them going thru the ride then stopped in front of this creature like sweaty fat guy who controls the ride? Then the people realize theyr in trouble n the sweaty, overweight like rediculous overweight half naked guy after telling them that they are doomed pulls the lever and they all drop down. N this place is like filled with monsters or whatever n plans I think on eating the people. Anyway next thing I remember is that the one guy was able to get away but it’s all hill n no one around like deserted he was away from the place n he decides to go back n get the girl. Idk it’s a long shot but it’s been bothering me forever. I hope anyone can help me out sorry it’s not much to go on.