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Vampire movie, horror

I watched the film with my parents for a very long time, until 2001 it’s for sure, the film is old, color, we watched it on a VHS cassette that a friend of our father gave us, perhaps it was recorded on our own, but I don’t know that anymore.

I don’t know the name of the film, because VHS did not start the film from the very beginning, but a little later.

In general, I remember only some excerpts from the film:

there were several female vampires, like a sister, but perhaps they called themselves that because they were vampires of the same blood. They met young guys who invited them to their home. They went to see them.

Among these vampires was one of the youngest, and among the guys there was a person whose room was arranged like a vampire hunter and he had a crossbow (hereinafter we will call him a vampire hunter), his friends did not believe in vampires, but he believed. In general, the vampires went about the house with the guys, and the young vampire went into the room to the vampire hunter. He turned on the telly, and gave her some kind of can (as I understand it with beer), she bit it with her teeth. The vampire liked this guy, so she warned him about the danger and then he took a crossbow and went to exterminate her sisters.

I don’t remember exactly, but it seems that at the beginning or a little later, these vampires tore some guy’s heart out of his chest, I vaguely remember, but it seems that they gave it to him.

I don’t know the actors, in principle, in the same way, films are usually taken mainly by young, non-famous actors, so you cannot find a film based on them.

I tried to find a movie on the list in Wikipedia, but either it is not there, or the title is not obvious to me, or it is simply not popular.

In those days, films like the Evil Dead were kind of popular.

Unfortunately, that’s all I remember about this film, I really want to find and watch it, but I can’t remember the details, I don’t even remember how many vampire sisters there were, like 3 or 4.