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Just like I am legend & omega man

Hi all, a film just like I am legend and omega man,, besides a handful of people who are alive everyone else on earth has disappeared, what I remember was how you become one of the few who lived was that if you died at the second the world ended you servived, so I think a man killed himself and a man was run over that second it all went wrong, also one of the men meet a black women bu she slept with another surviver, and they drove a big petrol tanker around that fell in to a big ditch at the end,, thanks that’s all I can remember.

USA summer camp

Hi, a summer camp usa 80s movie where the camp is like a carry on film, or a American pie type, I remember an old gray haired man owner of the camp always smoking cigers , and they had for dinna shark fin soup and a shark fin was swimming in the bowl, really slap stick, also a man on a guitar singing ” feed me feed me good stuff so I can grow up and be rough and tough” please help loved it as a child,.