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Kidnapped children appear dead in basement .. but are just sleeping

This is driving me crazy. All I really remember of it is the ending. Don’t even recall who starred in it. Detectives investigating a case of missing children go to a house and see a grainy image of children on a monitor. They appear to be lying dead, with bleeding head wounds. Then one of the detectives hears a squeaky dog toy, which leads them to the basement where the children are alive – they are actually asleep on their coats but the low quality of the monitor made it look like bleeding head wounds. The perpetrator shoots himself and the children are freed. If anybody can shed any light on this, I’d be very grateful!

Early 80’s Saturday morning movie

I believe this came on as a Saturday morning movie, like the ABC Weekend Specials in the early 80’s.

It begins in the early 1900’s with a young girl running from bad guys in a tunnel. She falls and hurts herself and ends up dying. Decades later, the house that is above the tunnel is believed to be haunted. Two kids end up finding the tunnel behind the fireplace, find the girl’s skeleton and the locket she was wearing, and the girl’s death is finally explained.

This is not The Haunted Mystery Mansion or Child of Glass.

Robbery/heist movie, a group of 3 men and 1 woman

i watched it in early 2000s but maybe its from late 1990s. I remember the woman has a boyfriend who is a collector of autographed items. So she and two guys from the robbery group went to steal an autographed golfball from a rich guys house during a party in broad daylight. They broke in and managed to get the ball. She then gave it to her boyfriend hoping he will pay her $30k but only to be turned down because he said he cant display a stolen autographed golfball. He can only pay $10k for her efforts. Another plot would be that the robbery leader has a wife who eventually found out her husband’s activities but after that its all blurry for me. I hope someone watched this movie and remember the name. I’ve been looking for the title for years now.