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Viking hero movie

This movie was relatively new, definitely in the recent 2000s and I had never heard of it before. I watched it on dvd. I think the title might have referenced a wolf somehow but I’m not sure. I think it was all using viking mythos or felt very much like it but I don’t remember any specific gods. The hero went on a journey for something, and I think had a group traveling with him. He definitely picks up a female at some point. He had long blond hair. The whole movie had a very gritty feel. I think he might have fought a monster. I remember a bridge of rock and maybe some lightning. The hero uses a sword. The cover looked a lot like the Beowulf cover. I think there was some lightning on it too. It had surprisingly good special effects, I expected a Syfy level movie based on the title. I only saw it one time.

Kids movie from the 90’s

ok, so this movie was about a campsite divided by a river, in the woods, and there were two groups of kids that battled, one group from each side.

One of the groups dressed like colonists or something alike and the other group wore face paint and no shoes, etc. They fighted over a fort made of wood and they played pranks at eachother. The Wild-childs’ captain and the sister of the Colonists’ captain had a love affair or something alike.

Some of the pranks i rememeber were: putting bees in the fort to attack the wild ones, separing in two some lightbulbs for a misterious reason.

The movie was in color, it was in english and the end was about accepting and not fighting, blabla. I watched it like 10 years ago so some of what i just said might be a little wrong, but it’s all i can remember.



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