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Help with scene

Ok so this is a scene for an action-comedy movie (small chance it could’ve been a show but probably not) that i saw maybe a year or 2 ago, it’s a fairly recent movie and i’d say it’s rated around a 15 or R wherever you’re from

So the scene starts with a guy sitting on a freshly dug grave of someone who died earlier in the movie, a woman comes over, i can’t remember the actress but she was fairly young (mid 20s or so) and i’m pretty sure her and the dude slept together earlier in the movie but she betrayed him after, she comes and hands him a flask and they both drink, the man starts becoming des oriented as the flask had been drugged by the woman, who spits out what she had drunk and says the word simply “yep” as the man passes out

if someone could help that would be great

if someone could