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1990’s movie

I saw this movie around 1997 or 1998, but it may have been made a few years before that, perhaps even four or five years before I saw it. (It was a movie I had rented from a video store.)

It had a woman in it who reminded me of Valeria Golino, but I don’t think it was her. This woman comes into town looking for a hotel room, and she stops in at a magazine/newspaper shop to get directions, where the man proceeds to sell her several types of magazines that women wouldn’t ordinarily buy – I remember one he was showing her called ‘Air Combat’ – as the scene ends, she is walking out the door with a dozen magazines she had to buy to get the information.  She then ends up at the hotel, and working at the counter are two African American men wearing bellhop type outfits – one of them is a prankster, and he has put a very (very) large rubber fly on the front counter. The rubber the fly is made of is a very bright green, but he pretends its real and begins to swat it with a fly swatter.

The woman with the magazines ends up sharing a room in the hotel with another woman who looks like one of the Arquette sisters (Rosanna or Patricia), but again, I don’t know if its actually one of them. While they’re both in their hotel room talkin, the people in the next room start having sex, and can be clearly heard through the wall, with one of the two women commenting on how loud it is.

I’m afraid that’s all the information I can provide. Incidentally, I have searched all the movies of the Arquette sisters, and of Valeria Golino, and none of them fit the bill. (Which naturally means someone will find it, and it will have one of the Arquette sisters in it, and Valeria Golino…)