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cruel children chase girl through abandoned building

a small girl is being picked on by a group of children led by (in my memory) another particularly nasty little girl. she runs from them into what I remember being an abandoned building (could have been just an under construction floor) and they chase her up the stairs, probably chanting something, until they corner her on some unfinished balcony or utility elevator (?) and the bullied girl falls to what I can only assume was her death. it’s a sunny time of day. you get the feeling that it’s after school. I don’t remember why she was being bullied. The scene feels like someone’s flashback.

so here’s another one that terrified me, and really saddened me, when I saw it as a child. I’m pretty sure it’s the opening scene and I also think I stopped watching it (at least for a bit) after this scene. one of my siblings most likely picked it out.

the movie is most likely: American, English language, color, 1970’s- early 80’s — and could very well be made-for-tv (movie or show) because I watched it at home and we didn’t have a VCR back then or even always cable. I have a feeling this movie is kind of a cult classic in its genre but shrug.

Thanks for reading!

girls receive dolls that resemble them

Okay this could be a movie or a tv show. It’s somewhat recent so full color; probably American but I suppose it could be Canadian, British, etc.; it’s English language. I’m pretty sure I saw it within the last year.

There’s a lot of things going on plotwise but what I’m remembering is that a lot of girls in a particular neighborhood have sort of large dolls left for them on their porches one morning. The dolls resemble the girls and it’s very creepy/freaky to all the girls and their families — amplified by whatever else is going in the movie.

It turns out that the dolls had been left by an aging neighbor with a doll collection. She noticed some resemblances and wanted the appropriate girls to have the dolls. The old woman is either dying or moving or just ready to declutter. Most of the girls are a little too old for this kind of doll but she doesn’t realize it. She meant for it to be an anonymous surprise.

Again, this is just a plot tangent I’m remembering that I can’t connect to the larger story. Thanks for reading!

a watcher in the walls

In the spring of 1982, I’d come home from kindergarten and eat my lunch watching Superman and Mighty Mouse. After which, my local station would show an afternoon movie that I would stay around for if I wasn’t going over to my best friend’s house to play. Back then, there weren’t standards for daytime television like there are now. So I saw all sorts of things… like a Dracula movie that I loved. However, the stuff I could remember from that film (a buxom woman in a green dress bitten by a handsome vampire on the moors) would probably apply to most vampire movies of that time so I’m going to focus on another movie I saw back then.

Basically a lovely young woman comes to live in a house and she’s being watched by someone who lives inside the walls. The movie was in color and might have been British. It could have been made in the 1960’s but it was probably from the 1970’s. I remember the girl looking similar to Nancy from “Oliver!” but can’t be sure. I don’t know if the story took place in a different time period or if it just seemed so because the house was old and remote.

I don’t remember much else about it because the very idea was so terrifying to me as a kid that I either blocked out the memory of the rest of the movie or stopped watching. I vaguely remember an old woman (grandmother? housekeeper?) and a large kitchen pantry that may have led to the cellar/ living space of the watcher/hider. I also remember the watcher being male and possibly deformed (like Quasimodo?). Possibly a relative of the main girl.

It’s not ‘Bad Ronald’ or ‘The Shuttered Room’  – and based on the 2006 remake, I’m pretty sure it isn’t ‘Black Christmas (1974)’. I’m open to any suggestions. Believe me, I’ve watched a good number of movies “looking” for this one. It’s been my top mystery movie since I was telling a friend about it as a teenager and realized I did not know the name of it. Thanks for reading!

woman bottles ketchup in cellar

okay, I saw this movie or tv show probably in the past year — and the movie itself is fairly recent. what I remember is that the wife’s hobby is bottling copious amounts of homemade ketchup in the basement. it seems like it might be a small business for her as well. I remember her as being blonde and well put together — and otherwise well-to-do. I sketchily remember someone coming to offer her a job (in her actual professional field) and meeting with her in the very neat and tidy basement surrounded by bottles of ketchup. she might not even have been married but that’s how I think of it anyway.

this is just a weird scene that doesn’t really have anything to do with the rest of the plot — so I can’t connect it to anything in my movie memory. please help if you can and thanks for looking.