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Super old horror movie lacking sound. In black and white. Including 2 scientists who created a weird…

…creature that eventually killed them.

This movie is pretty old. I saw it about 8 years ago but it was a dvd. The movie was in black and white, and didn’t have any sound in it. It was about 2 scientists who created some really weird creature thing that eventually killed them. I remember the creature resembling a set of muscular arms that sorta walked around using it’s hands. This movie was a horror one. ¬†Sorry that i’m not more specific. Please help. Thanks!

English Movie made in the early 2000’s about a bunch of creepy freaks who kidnap a girl at some point?

The movie was made between the dates 2000-2010 for sure. It was in english, in color, and definetly a movie not a tv episode.

I specifically remember a scene where a girl  seemed to be kidnapped in a car by a bunch of weird people. The people were all freaks with things wrong with them. One guy had worms coming from his face and another had something to do with play cards. He could like throw them and use them as like ninja stars. I believe she liked one of the guys? Pleassse help. Thanks so much.