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i can not remember the movie even after it was answered

the movie is i think from the 80s. All I remember of it is a guy asking for help from what i think is demons. the one scene in particular is him walking with a big fat demon guy who has a snake wrapped around his stomach, i think the snake is also his pet. the demon has hair like the predator. As the fat demon guy and the guy who asked for his help is walking down some stairs the wall looks like a honeycomb from a beehive. if any one knows the name PLEASE EMAIL IT TO ME AT [removed]

this movie gave her nightmares

this movie is a horror movie and in one scene there is an old man sitting in a chair facing his front door and the door was open to the hallway and there is something coming towards the room he is in and he sees a goat walk up to him and it stretches his head out and then it starts to change form and stands up like a person would on its two back legs. In the end the old man ends up fighting the devil who is in his true form and it may have taken place on top of a roof top but Im not completely sure.

not knowing the name is driving me crazy

I was young when i saw it maybe 6 and it was in the year of 95. The movie was in color  and it was in english.

The only thing i remember is on the cover there is a huge fat guy who plays a demon in the movie and he has a snake that he keeps as his pet around his waist. There are maybe 6 characters on the cover and all I remember of the movie is a part when the main character who is human is taking to that demon guy and their on a stair case and the walls look like a bee hive or what honeycombs look like i know its from before i was born which was 89 so i think it may be from the 80s.