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This weird four short movie???

So when I was like 4, I had that classic Disney princess dvd tv thingy and I remember I watched this movie that consisted of 4 short movies all together. It’s graphics quality in one of the movies was similar to such of back to the future, so I assume it was quite old. I only vaguely remember two of the four short films, but here they are.

So this first one I remember much more than the other. There was this family moving into a house and the daughter was talking about how she saw like a group of fairies. Ofc we get to see this scene with her, and the fairies look like pests. They have full on pink skin and spiky hair and wings. So this family eventually ends up leaving the house after finding out that the fairies were real and just mean pranksters. I specifically remember a scene where the father is driving away with apt he whole family and he has his windows open and a fairy flies next to them. The big music sounds extremely similar to the second part of the Minecraft song mice on Venus. In this video it’s at around 19 minutes.

The second one I remember is a but more vague. It has something to do with a water fountain, and a science lab. There were kids in this science lab for some reason. This lab was FULL of dust and stuff and just a lot of crap. And the kids are hiding from the people in the lab cause they don’t wanna get caught with breaking and entering, and they get shoved in a white van at the end. The memory still haunts me till this day, as a four year old, watching this made nightmares.

The only other information is that I’m pretty sure it’s from Walden media because I remember their skipstone intro at the beginning. I also remember I’m pretty sure the dvd had ads at the beginning? Then again most did back then, but yea. That’s it. I’ve been trying to do personal research on this movie for 3 years, and I haven’t gotten any information on it at all. Keep in mind my parents did monitor my dvd stash, so they probably wouldn’t let any inappropriate movies slip through the cracks. Hope somebody can find it.