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80’s or 90’s Space movie

I only remember bits and pieces about this one. It was in English and made in either the 80’s or early 90’s. The plot as far as I can remember revolves around mercenaries boarding a space ship heading for earth. The ship turns out to be a missile and the computer ties to defend it’s self be flashing colors on computer monitors. I do specifically remember that one of the characters referred to the flashing as “Strobe Lock.”

Looking for a movie about a man traveling to an alternate reality

I saw the movie, perhaps television show, back in the early to mid 90’s. I only remember one scene from it, a man, possibly an astronaut or scientist, is dressed in a real space suit and attends what I believe was a Halloween or executive party in an alternate dimension. I don’t know if he needed the suit to actually protect him from the dimension or not but it was my impression that was why he was wearing it. Everything was tinted red or pink in the alternate dimension and I vaguely remember he had to be careful not to let the other party-goers know he wasn’t from their dimension. I also remember the people in the alternate dimension were off/amoral/ or possibly down right evil. One of them asked if he was wearing a real space suit and he said yes and something about the price of it. I believe he might have been in the alternate dimension looking for his wife.


Unfortunately that is about all I can remember. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.