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≈2015, about US soldier, after the war in Middle east which upon return to home accused of war crimes

A soldier ends military service (or vice versa – starts.. I don’t remember) in Iraq (i think it wasn’t Afghanistan). He -n fellow is attacked by terrorists after the departure of the commanders-in-chief or something like this
He empathizes with the prisoners, whose guilt hasn’t even been proven yet and in general he is a nice dude, undergoing serious metamorphoses by the end of the film
The film shows sensational at wheir time torture by the music and there was also an incomprehensible unimaginative scene about what men do in the toilet, left without women
In general, the plot tells how at first he doesn’t understand how people can treat people like that, but in the end he begins to do the same and, by the fate, he is who eventually appears by face to the court, upon returning home in the presence of his beloved, seeing himself immediately in the plural TVs in the store of electronic technique, that he mocks the prisoner and will be held accountable