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circa 1970 science fiction movie, space alien, stop-action disembowelment.

Science fiction B movie, circa 1970 plus or minus a few years.   In a scene toward the end of the movie, a space alien in human form stopped the car, stepped out, and his intestines fell out of his abdominal cavity (in a close-up, stop-motion). He staggered back to the car.  A female human was a passenger in the car.  He was trying to escape the authorities, not sure why the female was with him.  Saw this movie as a late-night feature on TV, half asleep, at around the age of 11 or so, and it creeped me out for many years afterward.   May have been one of the 5o0 or so movies with John Carradine.  In English (dubbed?).  Could have been color, but I saw it on a B&W set.