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Please help me find this movie about a single mother who becomes prostitute then she is murdered and then his son takes revenge

So i am trying to find out this movie for so many year but not able to find it. So i had watched this movie in 2014 when i was 14 years old, I don’t know the releasing year of this movie and the movie was not in english so it makes more difficult to find it.

The movie is about a woman who becomes prostitute for living. Then she is tortured and then murdered by someone. She was single mother. Then in the last part of the movie a guy may be his son takes revenge from the people that was reason behind her murder.

I just remember some scenes of the movie which was erotic and also some of the scenes which was pretty disturbing.

Here are the scenes which i remembered :

1. In starting of the movie she which is a single mother buying some vegetables from the market.

2. In one scene its showing afterwards when she becomes prostitute she giving blowjob to a guy in the parking lot.

3. There was one threesome scene in which the she (prostitute) is called by some guy and a woman for threesome and when she enters the room the guy is totally amazed by how beautiful she was, then while they were having sex the guy was only concentrating on the hooker because she was really attractive, he was not at all looking at another woman which was her wife or may be gf. Then another woman she got jealous and bites his husband or bfs ears.

4. In one bdsm scene a guy tied her hands to the rod then torture her by hitting her with a whip then girl becomes angry and then she spits on his face. Then the guy tortures her more. Then another guy comes to rescue her and then this guy cuts that man’s dick with a knife or dagger who was torturing the girl.

5. In one scene she was also having lesbian sex with some woman which was around 40-50 year old. And they were also doing drugs after sex.

6. In one scene someone has tortured her so much that she was bleeding from her vagina and screaming and crying for help and then may she died.

7. Afterwards in the second half of the movie a guy (may be his son) takes revenge by killing all the people who had tortured her and killed her.

So thats all i remember. Please if any of you know the name of the movie please let me know. I have tried to find out the name of buy couldn’t find it. I really want to watch that movie one more time. Please Help