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80’s movie that I cannot figure out!

An older movie, post-apocalyptic or SciFi desert area. No buildings or advanced tech.  The story revolves around a small group of people panicked about an predicted approaching solar eclipse. Many believe it will be the end of the world. One of the charismatic leaders is blind and convinces a woman he has a relationship with to become blinded as well. To do so (this is the scene that stuck in my memory!), she is laid down and wears a mask that covers her face except for her eyes. Then two crows or hawks(?) are allowed to peck out her eyes while she’s awake and under no anesthetic. Scene creeped me out but also the movies ending.  The eclipse comes and everyone panics, except for one other guy who has been against the belief that the world is ending.  It’s a long shot that anyone remembers it. Very low budget movie.